Madison and Harris...

Sundancenbare Vinnie and Vino in their happy spynx home

Sundancenbare Jeeves on his way to Diana
in Oregon!
Harris makes his happy sphynx home in Idaho with
madison .

Little girls love little sphynx
Blessings to another loving home!

Sundancenbare Violet lives happily in
Vernal, UT.
Nicole and Silver Chief "on our way."

Sundancenbare Stormy goes to his forever
home after his big TICA win
Joyful, with her new mom

DIDI meets Remington! BFF

Sundancenbare baby girl with her new mom
Shimi baby

Sunancenbare Black Dahlia doesn't want her picture
taken, but she charmed Josephine and has her forever
Dave and Toni at the Portland TICA show

Daisy and Aunt Catherine always smiling
This is Lily with her new family.  They love
her so.  She was sold as a show kitten and
has been winning steadily in
the show ring.

Thank You
I just wanted to say thank you for sending us Abbas all the
way from Utah. Our little guy had a very long journey to
Canada. From the moment he arrived, he has been a
funny little baby bringing us much joy and happiness. I
can't say thank you enough for your professionalism, and
genuine care for these animals. You were great to work
with and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a
sphynx to get one from you.

Very Happy Client, Melanie