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Sundancebare can affirm the healthy hearts of our breeding sires and dams. Well thought
out selections for breeding considers the lineage health history, longevity, body
confirmation(s) as well as personality and disposition. Kittens are raised underfoot with
minimal caging.  Sundancenbare has proven history of show quality sphynx. Most recently
Zanadue Cannon received best sphynx for the MP Region 2014 and 15th best shorthair.

Most kittens are placed in homes and become a beloved family member. Characteristically
sphynx are thought of as part monkey, part clown and entirely a loving family member.
They need ear cleaning routine and nails trimming, Frequent bathing is not recommended
as like most felines, personal grooming is sufficient.

Sundancenbare offers rescue of special needs or displaced sphynx. This emphasizes the
need of  microchipping and maintaining the Home Again registration throughout the
individual life of the sphynx. Affiliated veterinarian clinics include Orem Animal Medical
Services (Dr. Carolyn McGuire) and the staff at Healing Hearts Animal Hospital. Associated
breeders are Fantcfur , Peggy Smith in Tacoma, Washington, and  Bayview Animal Hospital
in Kaysville, UT....

There are multiple experienced breeders that continue to be available to you for
questions and we enjoy hearing your delightful stories of the antics and experiences with
your sphynx. Please friend us on facebook : Sphynx at Sundancenbare.  
For contacts and inquiries please contact
Alana Jacobs, Ph.D
Salt Lake City, Utah
Sundancenbare @yahoo.com

1-1-2017  Please contact Fantcfur
Peggy Smith  253-341-7608 or email